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About this website

About this website

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About this website

The Bus Station was born as a single page of links back in August 1997, when the Internet was still quite new.  It grew to around 200 pages, all built and maintained manually in HTML code.  This has become unsustainable, and this latest version uses a database to serve content dynamically, and to make it easier to maintain and expand.

Who am I?

I’m Steve Annells, and I live in Oxfordshire with my family.  My interest in the bus industry goes back beyond the Internet, to 1969, when my local bus company, the City of Oxford Motor Services, was still dominated by AEC buses and coaches, Thames Valley sent Bristol Lodekkas and REs up from Newbury, and local coach operators used mainly Bedfords.

How did it all start?

I started The Bus Station in frustration at being unable to find bus-related information on the Web.  By collecting links together, I could help myself and other folk like me.  In 1997, most businesses had not caught the potential of the Web.  Often the bus fan sites were better constructed and maintained than the commercial sites.  The availability of free webspace on Geocities and Zoom  made it easy to set up your own page.   Business sites have changed beyond recognition since then. Improving upload and download speeds have made it easier to share photographs and video.  The collapse of Fotopics destroyed much of the photographic archive that had been built up by bus fans all over the world, and while some moved on to alternatives like Flickr, many gave up at that point.   I still record enthusiast sites alongside business sites -  sometimes the distinction is blurred, in any case – but they are fewer on the Web in the 21st Century. 

What next?

Several years ago the debate was about how social networking would affect us – well, now it’s here.  Many businesses are making good use of these services based around direct contact between producer and consumer, but as yet the rules of engagement are poorly defined. 
The Bus Station is not at this point fully engaged with social media.  In future that may well change.  The Internet continues to evolve, and the Bus Station continues to be a work in progress.

Thank you

One aspect of social media that has always been embedded in The Bus Station has been collaboration.  I am the webmaster, and the buck stops with me,  but the contributions from others have been many and varied, especially -  Michael Neal, Roberto Segura, Suzy Scott, John Veerkamp, Dick Vis, Martin Grosberg, Dirk Dannenfeld,  Alan Gray, Shigeyuki Kaneko, Mike Lloyd, Bruce Korusek, Stephen Osman, Bob Wingrove, Carlos Wallberg, Chris Hough, Graeme Selway, Gabriel Alejandro Martinez Ramirez , Remy Dhur, Angela Gastrow.

How do I get listed on this website?
There is a new and simple way to get listed on the Bus Station – click on this link and fill in the submission form – I’ll review the link and post it.  It has to be relevant, it has to have valid content, it has to be a website I want to link to.  I rarely turn a serious request down.
You can also take the traditional route and e-mail me – this is likely to take longer.

How about reciprocal links?
The Web functions on links – please feel free to link to the Bus Station if you find it useful.

A few words of caution

The Bus Station does not run bus services, or charter coaches, or even sell tickets.  It can however put you in touch with the folk who do these things and more.  I am not responsible for the accuracy of the information held on websites linked to from this website.

I can vouch for the code on this website.. Once you click on an external link and visit another website, that is beyond my control, and I can accept no responsibility for any harm you or your equipment may come to, nor for sites that may contain offensive material.  I do not knowingly list offensive sites (although one or two get a bit boisterous!) or sites hosting malware, but the Web changes from day to day and accidents can happen. Let's be careful out there - keep your antimalware software up to date and your wits about you.

Steve Annells


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